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*Future fish starts playing at the end of an episode*
Beginning of season: Oh! This is so cute! I love this song! Look at all those nerds in the future! Hahaha
End of the season: FUCK YOU SHUT UP GODDAMIT *sobs*


Gou: Hey Nagisa what’s your favorite flavor Popsicle?

Nagisa: Rei-chan

Gou: What 

Nagisa: What 


princesses and princes



i don’t even know what to ship anymore 

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"I thought you’d be here. Haru, I… don’t think you can go on this way, either. Until now, I thought that if this was what you wanted, it was fine. Because whatever Rin said, I wanted to respect your wishes. But what you said to Rin at regionals…"

What dream? What future? It’s you who cares about all that! I’m not you! I don’t have any of that!

"If you truly want to stay as you are, I won’t say anything. But… If it’s just that you can’t find a dream for yourself, I… would want you to find one."

"You want me to find one? Is that really something you can find just by looking for it?"


"Forget it. I’m done talking about it."


"Let go!"

"Listen to me!"

"However many times I listen, it’s the same! You can’t find a dream just by looking for it! I’m fine with the way things are!"

"You’re lying! The truth is, you want to find a dream, too! You should find that dream, and go flying to the outside world to follow it! You have the ability to do that!"

"Even you’re talking like this?! Where I swim and who I swim for… I’m free to decide that for myself! And I’m saying I’m fine with the way things are!"

"But you’re not fine! You’re not fine! That’s why we’re all telling you this! Nagisa and Rei and Rin… And me… It’s because we all love you. Because we care about you. Why can’t you understand that? We want you to find your dream… To look to the future…”

"All you ever do is meddle with everyone! Stop sticking your nose in everyone else’s business! A dream? A future? Well, what about yours? Stop going on about other people’s futures when you haven’t even decided your own! Well, say something.”

"I have decided. I’m… going to a university in Tokyo. I meant to tell you sooner, but I just couldn’t find a way to say it. I…"

"Do whatever you want!"


How can emptiness be so heavy?
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I hate people generally, but I like people individually.
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So I was showing my 2-year old cousin a photo of Haru on the day of his bday and I told her, “Say happy birthday to Haru~! It’s his bday today~” and she literally took my phone and kissed the pic of Haru and I just


i promised myself that until school starts im going to draw a whole hecka lot (instead of study wh oopsie) so here i am…..drawing a whole hecka

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